Numerology + Ancient Sciences

Discover the hidden code to your life.

The events in your life and the people you meet are not an accident. Discover their hidden purpose and meaning so you can make the best decisions to move forward.


For more than 20 years, Josh Siegel has helped thousands of people transform their lives with his breakthrough system of numerology.

Within minutes, Josh can penetrate core issues, make sense of the events in your life, and provide you with instant clarity to your questions.

Decode Your Life

Using his unique system of highly advanced calculations, Josh can quickly interpret the meaning of seemingly random events in your life and empower you to change counterproductive patterns to experience more happiness, prosperity, and success.

Discover your unique life path & purpose.

There Are No Accidents

There is a mathematical code and a map to our lives. Life is not just a series of random events. Discover what it all means for YOU.

Numerology Expert

As the nation’s premier authority on numerology, Josh has been a featured expert for the Los Angeles Times, The History Channel, ABC News, CBS, Fox News and numerous radio shows. He can also be seen on the DVD for the movie “The Number 23” starring Jim Carrey in the special features and is currently working on a groundbreaking new book, “The Josh Code”.

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